Hard choices easy life, easy choices hard life

Hard choices easy life, easy choices hard life

Hard choices easy life, easy choices hard life

“Hard choices easy life, easy choices hard life.” – Jerzy Gregorek

I ran across this great quote from Jerzy Gregorek while listening to episode 228 of the Tim Ferris Show.

If you are interested in learning more about Jerzy click on THIS link and you will arrive at the Happy Body website where you can learn all about the great things Jerzy does.

For me the meaning of this quote is very simple;

The small moment to moment choices we make ultimately add up to create the quality of our lives.

Most self-made people share many of the same characteristics. People such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey and JK Rowling have all worked extremely hard, overcame rejection and taken huge risks in pursuit of their dreams.

The decisions to work hard, overcome rejection and take risks are all difficult choices that most successful people have made.

Successful people know that their hard choices make for an easier life.

Hard choices easy life.

Compare the choices of the über successful people to the rest of the world. The average North American chooses to watch 5 hours of television per day.  Over a year this adds up to over 1800 hours or 45 weeks of wasted time. Instead of spending that time earning money, building better relationships, creating businesses or improving their health people spend thousands of hours per year on the easy choice.

While statistics show that huge portions of the population are depressed, overweight and worried about money imagine if all those depressed, broke and overweight people gave up television and started working on the issues that really matter in their lives.

Average people have not realised that their easy choices make for a much harder life.

 Easy choices hard life.

So what about you? Are you making the right choices? Are you choosing to create a hard life or an easy one?

Also please remember that no matter what your age or situation it is never too late to start making better choices.

As always thank you for reading Success on the Far Side of Fifty. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.