The 7 traits of extraordinarily successful people

The 7 traits of extraordinarily successful people.

The 7 traits of extraordinarily successful people.

“Success isn’t owned. It’s leased and the rent is due every day,”  JJ Watt.  (football player)

Have you ever met someone who seemed to be extraordinarily lucky?

Some of us know people who seem to have it all; they are happy, healthy and fit, with great careers, great homes and great relationships.  These people are also generous and humble in nature and have the time and resources to do whatever they want with their lives. They never seem to rush and have ample time and energy for work, play and giving back to the community.

When you look closely these people are truly successful in every sense of the word. They are not the money driven, workaholic executives who make big money but sacrifice their health, happiness and relationships in the process.  Nor are they the social butterflies or the fitness fanatic who don’t have a pot to pee in.

The people I am referring to have realised their own unique brand of success and as a result they love their lives.

Extraordinarily successful people are even harder to find than the mega billionaires that most of the world looks up to. It’s not that they don’t exist; it is rather that they simply don’t crave fame or attention. These special people have too much balance and integrity to fall into the trap of mindlessly pursuing more money or fame than they really want or need.

While it is easy to be jealous of these people it is much wiser to learn from and emulate them. My studies have shown that they share many similar traits that can be copied.

Below are what I consider to be the most important attributes of these special people.

1.) They have intentionally created balance in their lives.

Truly successful people have learned that a balanced life does not happen by accident. They know that real success can only be realized by creating equilibrium between health, happiness and financial independence.

2.) They have taken the time to learn and follow the key success factors in the three areas of happiness, health and financial independence.

The people who truly flourish are those who have taken the time to learn and understand the key elements required for success in health, happiness and financial independence. Usually they excel in one field more than the other two, but they always understand the principals of each area.

3.) Successful people have goals and strategies in each area.

Because they have taken the time to learn what it takes to attain success in the domains of health, wealth and happiness they have specific goals and strategies in each of the key areas. If they find they are not achieving the desired results in one area they focus on that area.

4.) Successful people keep their bad habits in check.

None of us are perfect and we all struggle with our habits. It isn’t that truly successful people don’t have bad habits, they just don’t have any major bad habits or addictions. They understand that addictions are a killer of success so they take great effort to avoid and eliminate addictions and reduce bad habits.

 5.) Successful people have earned a high degree of discipline.

Discipline is another prerequisite for across the board success. To remain fit, healthy and financially successful takes considerable effort and planning and does not come naturally; therefore the requirement for discipline. Both the good and bad news is that discipline is not a god given trait – it is earned on a daily basis through the setting and reaching of tiny goals.

 6.) Truly successful people work at their success.

I come back to the subject of effort time and time again. True success isn’t a finite point in space or time. Rather it is a pursuit that demands constant effort. Successful people are not lucky. They consistently work at their health, wealth and happiness.

7.) Successful people take the time to enjoy their hard-earned rewards.

What is the point of success of any kind if you don’t take the time to savour it.

People who are happy, healthy and financially independent know that life is fleeting. The gifts of today may not last till tomorrow. Bad things happen to good people and fortunes can be lost, health can evaporate and all the things that make us happy can be torn apart by circumstance.

True happiness is a fine balance between expending the effort to achieve your goals and then taking the time to enjoy your success.



Having a happy, healthy and financially productive life is very possible for the vast majority of us. In fact I would suggest that anyone who was fortunate enough to be born in the middle class of North America has no excuse what-so ever for not living an absolutely wonderful life.

The only thing needed to life a happy, healthy and financially successful life is a basic understanding of the key actions to be taken in each of the three areas and then enough discipline to create and follow through on a plan for each area.

So what is your plan for improving your health, happiness and financial state? Do you have what it takes to be one of the rare people who enjoys everything that life has to offer?

It is possible.

As always thanks for reading Success on the Far Side of Fifty.