The art of taking action

The art of taking action

The art of taking action

“Successful people have developed the habit of doing what they need to do, when they need to do it, regardless if they want to do it or not.”- Brian Tracy


Brian’s quote says it all. No goal is attained without action. Truly successful people have learned to take well-considered and consistent action towards the attainment of their goals.

Planning is very important, but execution is critical.

You will never get fitter, thinner, richer, happier or healthier until you take action.

A real life example

I recently met a woman who confessed that she was suffering. She was depressed, unmotivated and unhealthy and she didn’t know how to break out of her rut.

In less than 3 minutes of conversation I learned exactly what her problem was. This poor lady spent hours every day researching and planning how to improve her health and happiness. Although she had become very knowledgable about her health and happiness she had not yet developed the “action habit”.

The solution to her concerns was equally simple. She and I made an agreement that each day she would take one small action toward improving her health. Once she completed that action she would send me an email.

In less than 10 minutes we had established an action plan and in less than 2 months she had developed the action habit.

The simple road to health

The action habit is a simple concept. The best way to achieve virtually any goal is to spend 80% of your time and energy on the 20% of the activities that will make the biggest difference in attaining your goals.

If you want to lose weight and be healthier spend 80% of your effort improving your ability to stop eating processed foods and start eating a more plant-based diet. If you can then build a habit of completing 20 minutes of moderate aerobic activity 5 days per week you are well on your way to improving every aspect of your mental and physical health.

The simple road to wealth

If you want to become financially independent give up on all the get rich quick schemes. All of the advertisements promising big money for little effort are simply bullshit designed to separate you from your money.

The achievement of financial independence is also simple. Learn to control your spending, then find something of value that you can sell at a profit. If you discipline yourself to spending 80% of your current leisure time on this concept I virtually guarantee that, given enough time, you will become financially independent.

This isn’t an oversimplification,nor is it the complete story

Of course I know my statements about health, weight loss and financial independence seem to be vast understatements.

My real point is that understanding the principles of getting what you want is far easier than doing the work to put those principles to action. But in order to get what you want from life you need to get out of the planning stage and get to work on the things that make a real difference.

Like my friend Derek Sivers says (in all honestly he isn’t really my friend, but he once answered an email of mine);

“If knowledge was all it took we would all be billionaires with six-pack abs.”

You can learn more about Derek at THIS site. In my view he is a super smart and useful guy who we can all learn from.

What about you? Are you taking enough action to reach your goals.

Thanks for reading Success on the Far Side of Fifty. I hope you have a great week.

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