The simple secret to living a fantastic life.

The simple secret to living a fantastic life.

The simple secret to living a fantastic life.

As blogger I work hard to give my readers everything they need to lead a fantastic life in every sense of the word. Success on the Far Side of Fifty is just a vehicle for me to do my part toward making the world a slightly better place.

Today’s post titled:

The simple secret to living a fantastic life will provide you with a complete road map for living a dream life.

The premise is super simple. A fantastic life is within reach for all of us. A life filled with more health, wealth, vitality and fun is as simple as creating a few new daily habits.

Great lives rarely happen by accident; more often than not people who live great lives are living a life of design. The good news is that, no matter what our age, the vast majority of us are only a few habits away from a fantastic life.

The secret of living a fantastic life is simple; do it one day at a time. Seek to make each day a little bit better than the day before.

The philosophy of this strategy is simple, work at making every day great, then you will start to have great weeks, which will turn into great months, and eventually years. After a while those great years will equate to a fantastic life.

If you have read many of my posts you will know that I am a strong believer in the power of habit. I have used the power of habit to create a daily routine that helps me live a fantastic life. And I routinely work with other people to create the habits that help them live the lives they aspire to.

So if you want to live a life of energy, happiness, purpose and productivity read on and learn all about my daily strategy that is;

The simple secret to living a fantastic life.

  • I get up one hour earlier than I need to.


This habit may be the hardest for most people to adopt. I get up earlier than I need to. In fact some people think I get up WAY earlier than I need to, but I know a secret.

Getting up earlier means that I start my day off in complete control, and if my day starts in control it usually stays that way. While the vast majority of people who sleep as late as possible and then rush head long into their day I start each day off with a combination of relaxation, focus and intention.

Which approach do you feel is more likely to lead to success.


  • I start off every day with a challenge.


The first thing I do every day is make sure my mind is right, and to do that I start off with my own fifty burpee challenge. Each and every day I get out of bed and do fifty consecutive burpees. No rest, no breaks just burpees.

To be honest, I don’t like burpees very much. But this part of my morning routine has two purposes; it gets my heart racing and it is a test of my will.

There is something very energizing in the knowledge that within 10 minutes of waking up I have already met one of my day’s biggest challenges. After completing my fifty burpee challenge I know that I have the mental and physical strength to deal with any challenge life throws at me.

If you are interested in trying this remember that I didn’t start out with 50. I started off with 20 and worked my way up.


  • My morning ritual includes movement.


As human beings we are designed to move but not many of us are as active as we should be.

Aside from getting my heart pumping my fifty burpees help keep me limber and strengthens my legs, my chest, my core and my cardio system. Getting up off the floor fifty times in a row will have that effect.

Aside from my fifty burpees I also include five solid minutes of strenuous ab exercises.

There is a method behind my chosen movements. Burpees are a fantastic full body exercise and they are great for your quads, glutes and calves. By adding the abdominal work I am making sure that everything below my rib cage is strong and tight. Having strong legs and core means l have a reduced likelihood of back injury.

An added benefit of exercise are the chemicals that are released.

As a result of exercise a chemical called BDNF or Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor is released. BDNF is not only a stimulant for brain activity it has also been proven to help repair some level of neural degradation. In fact some folks are so convinced of the value of BDNF that they call it miracle grow for your brain.

The other great thing about movement is that it stimulates the release of endorphins which are the other feel good chemicals that help keep us both happy and healthy.

  • Meditation


Daily meditation is a key element of my wellbeing and success.

There are literally thousands of studies that talk about the value of meditation. Benefits include sharper mental focus, lower blood pressure and increased sense of wellbeing. Meditation has also been proven to decrease the risk of virtually all illnesses and can help prevent everything from cancer to the common cold

If you want to know more about meditation check out THIS great article.

  • Journaling

Another one of my secret weapons is journaling.

My journaling takes less than five minutes to complete and I do four things with it:

I express gratitude for three things each and every day. Studies have shown that this practice alone will result in a 20% increase in overall happiness.

I practice radical forgiveness – harbouring ill will toward anyone, including yourself; creates nothing but harm. Ill will increases negative hormones such as cortisol which in turn cause many physical ailments including high blood pressure, coronary disease and cancers. By forgiving anyone who needs it I don’t harbour negative feelings toward anyone on the planet.

As a note, the one I most often have to forgive is myself. Recognising and forgiving my own failings has been tremendously helpful for all aspects of my life.

I set my intentions for my day and my life. I have a dream a vision for my life and I each day I take positive action toward its achievement. Once again, science proves that people who live a life of purpose; live longer, are happier and have more energy.

Finally I give myself a positive affirmation such as “I feel fantastic.” Telling myself that I feel fantastic helps me lock in that fantastic tone for my day.


  • I eat a super nutritious breakfast.

Sadly the majority of people eat a crappy breakfast. They chug a cup of caffeine and a bagel,  a bowl of cereal or some other produced foods that are carbohydrate rich, chemically colored and flavoured science experiment that has a whole bunch of calories but not much nutrition.

Not this cowboy. While I do have a cup of coffee I also have a fresh homemade smoothie (I make them not buy them) and in that smoothie I include plenty of green leafy vegetables, including spinach and kale, I toss in some whey protein, Greek yogurt, a wee bit of soy milk and some fresh or fresh frozen fruit.

I also eat whatever left overs we have in the fridge which includes plenty of lean meats and fresh vegetables.

While eating breakfast I also fill my insulated cup with ice water.

Throughout the day I keep my cup full of clean, fresh water, which also helps in the elimination of toxins within the body. Water is also shown to help increase brain function, and helps with the maintenance of energy levels.

So there you have my;

Simple secret to living a fantastic life.

While I don’t think everyone will immediately start following my daily regimen. But if you are truly serious about enjoying more Success on the Far Side of Fifty please consider the impact that one or two of these habits could have on your life.

Imagine the thoughts of leading a happier, healthier, more productive life and remember NOTHING IN YOUR LIFE CHANGES UNLESS YOU DO.

As always thank you for reading and please feel free to leave a comment or to shoot me an email.

Here is hoping you experience much health and happiness.