One truth about life you need to know

One truth about life you need to know

One truth about life you need to know

On Success on the Far Side of Fifty I often try to get my point across in creative and innovative ways.

Admittedly this post could be considered a little less positive than the majority of my writing but I hope you will also see the humour with which it was intended. This post it is as real and honest as anything I have ever done.

It is with caring and respect that I send this message out to all the people in the world who go through life thinking that everyone else is the problem.

“If you run into a jerk in the morning you ran into a jerk. If you run into jerks all day long then you’re the jerk.”

I stole this from a television series called Justified and it is a quote from Marshall Raylan Givens. If you want to hear Raylan say the actual line click THIS link. When I first heard the quote it made me smile and it still does. I guess I have a taste for sarcastic humour.

But I like the quote more for its relevance and honesty than it’s humour. Some days when I am going about my day-to-day business I run across a person who I would legitimately describe as a jerk. You know them; the people with a chip on their shoulder who generally seem to have a problem with the world. But it is my perspective that most jerks are really decent people who are having a bad day.

“If you run into a jerk in the morning, you ran into a jerk.”

But other days I seem to run across people all day long who are rude, irritating and obnoxious.

“If you run into jerks all day long, then you are the jerk.”

Over the years I have come to accept the fact that there are jerks in the world, but I most certainly don’t want to be one.  On those rare days when I seem to run into lots of people who are testing my patience I remember Raylan’s quote and pause and reflect. I ask myself, “are they the real source of the problem them or is it me?”

Unfortunately on occasion I am most certainly the problem.

To be honest I try to live a life where I am a decent example for other people. But like anyone else I also have my off days and it’s those off days when I can be grumpy, impatient and irritable.

As a brief bit of explanation I am a focussed and motivated person who wants to do great things for the world. The down side of my energy and focus and energy is I don’t handle delay as well as some other people and this displays with occasional impatience and irritability,

One good part of being a man on the Far Side of Fifty is that I am fairly good at recognising when I am off my game. On those rare days I do three things;

1.) I take a few minutes and engage in a mini meditation. Usually I don’t need more than four or five deep breaths to focus my mind, relax my body and get a better point of view of the world.

2.) I engage in a few moments of physical exercise. Anything works, a short walk, a brief stretch or even running up a flight of stairs.

3.) When I need to apologize I do it immediately and I do it well.

My goal behind these three steps is to get myself back on my best possible behaviour as soon as I possibly can. A huge part of building a tremendously succesful life is learning to recover from mistakes, missteps and errors and through long experience I know these three steps do the trick for me.

As you go through your days and  you have the occasional negative interaction with people you meet I invite you to ask you to consider the following question:

Did you run across a jerk or are you being the jerk?

Thanks for reading and as always have a fantastic week. Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.

By the way check out the series if you like old-fashioned cop shows. It one of my favorites series of all time.