3 hilarious Ted Talks that can change your life!!

3 hilarious Ted Talks that can change your life!!

Ted Talks

If you want to start living the life of your dreams check out my latest post; 3 hilarious Ted Talks that can change your life!! They may just change your life too!

As you might imagine I live my life differently than many people. While the average North American watches five hours of television per day I watch less than one. While many people are addicted to social media and news I very carefully avoid the vast majority of it. I don’t often listen to the radio and I actively shun watching news TV. To put it very simply I get very little value from following the sensationalized news stories and I don’t care for the constant barrage of advertisements and negativity that permeates most media.

One foundational principle that I live my life by is taken directly from the field of computer science and is called GIGO or Garbage In, Garbage Out. My layman’s interpretation of this principle is that if you put crappy data into a computer you will get crappy information out. Poor programming code means that the programs suck. This is no metaphor, this is the way life works. If you want to know more about GIGO check out THIS great explanation from Wikipedia.

After hearing about the principal of GIGO I incorporated it into many areas of my life, including the foods I eat, the people I associate with and the things I put into my mind. Ensuring that I have high quality food, relationships and content for my brain ensures that I live a high quality life. Don’t think my high standard of living comes by chance, I have worked my ass off for it.

Rather than watch the news, or listen to the radio I spend a significant amount of time listening to pod casts, reading books and watching Ted Talks. I love listening to Ted Talks because they are short and packed full of great ideas and feature some of the best and brightest minds on the planet.

Following are three Ted Talks that can literally change your life by teaching you to be happier, achieve your goals and learn to overcome rejection.

  1. Shaun Achor – The happiness advantage.

Shawn wrote the book “The Happiness Advantage” and it is most certainly one of my favorite books of all time!! He is a Harvard professor who is a huge advocate for positive psychology. His book is a New York Times best seller and a great read for anyone. You can find out more about the book HERE.

 hilarious Ted Talks that can change your life!!

The happiness advantage

This video can be a real game changer if you truly listen to it: the  big ideas include:

  • Society’s current notion that we have to achieve success before we become happy is wrong. Outward success never satisfies for long. We get a good car, we want a better car. After we get a raise we want a bigger raise. No matter what we achieve we always want to achieve more.
  • Only 10% of our happiness comes from external sources. Fully 90% of our happiness is created by the lens through which we view the world. If we change that lens we change everything about our lives.
  • The real truth is that happiness leads to more success. A happier brain is more productive, more intelligent, more creative and more energetic. Studies prove that a happier person is more successful in all domains.


See Shawn’s Ted Talk HERE

  1. Surprising Lessons from 100 Days of Rejection by Jia Jiang

This is awesome video is all about doing what it takes to live your dreams. If you have ever struggled with rejection this is the video for you!!

After he was personally crushed by a major business rejection Jia decided to try rejection therapy. If you are interested there is a website that actually turns being rejected into a game, you can learn more about the site called Rejectiontherapy.com HERE.

Jia’s goal was to video himself being rejected for 100 days in a row.

 hilarious Ted Talks that can change your life!!

Learning to overcome rejection

The lessons that he learned included how kind and giving people truly can be.

In his attempts to be rejected Jia was allowed to play soccer in a strangers back yard, drive a policeman’s car and make the safety announcement on a commercial airplane.

More importantly he realized how just how many people are afraid of rejection.

His big ideas include;

  • Even the best of us get rejected. This includes the best of President Obama and director Steven Spielberg.
  • Rejections are just a numbers game each rejection moves us closer to the success we seek.

See this awesome video HERE.

  1.  How to stop Screwing yourself over – Mel Robbins

Mel claims that 30% of Americans feel dissatisfied with life. That is 100 million Americans who are unhappy with some aspect of their lives. What a huge number!! As a personal note I would ask how many people feel they are truly living the lives of their dreams!!! The answer is probably very, very few – which means we all have room for improvement.

This Ted Talk has many great points but my favorites include;

  • Decide what you want. You can do anything, but first you have to pick something
  • Getting what you want is very simple but not easy. There are thousands of sources of information that will tell you how to get what you want. Use the science of drafting and follow what someone else has done.
  • Accept that a life that is “fine” is not good enough. This description is flimsy and feeble. Get used to telling yourself the truth about how your life is working and then do something about it.
  • The odds of you being born are one in 400 trillion. We all have ideas that can change your life and the world but we don’t take action. Change your life and change the world.
  • Don’t wait to feel like taking action. You will never feel like doing whatever it is that you should be doing. Conditions will never get better, you will never feel prepared and there will always be a
    3 hilarious Ted Talks that can change your life!!

    You will never feel like doing what you have to do

    reason to wait. You have to get used to making yourself do the things that you need to do. You have to force yourself to take action and do the things you don’t want to do.

  • If you want to have different results then you have to break out of your habits and get off of autopilot. Get used to being out of the routine.
  • A major driver of humans is the need for exploration, which means getting outside of your comfort zone. Outside is where the action is. When you have an impulse to do something you have 5 seconds to do something with it.

Check out Mel’s talk HERE

So there you have three powerful videos that perfectly embody my philosophy of life as well as my coaching practice.

I do believe that happiness precedes success, that we all need to overcome rejection and most of all we have to get of our asses to live a better life.

So what about you? What are your thoughts? Please feel free to leave a comment or to sign up to get my blog sent directly to your inbox.

Have a great week.