The 3 critical health habits that can affect your genetics (they can also help your children be healthier, even if they don’t do them)

Here are the 3 critical health habits that can affect your geneticsLearn how the 3 critical health habits that can affect your genetics can also effect your children’s health

I hope you have had a fantastic week and your life is full of the happiness and prosperity that you desire. As always my passion is to help you get more of what you want out of life and to help you eliminate those things that are making you unhappy or holding you back.

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This blog has far less to do with “positive thinking” and much more to do with “positive doing”.

In the pursuit of self-improvement I spend considerable time and effort learning all I can about the fields of health, wellness and success. I find research very rewarding and I love the fact that there is always something more to learn.

Understanding a little about genetics can help you (and your children) lead healthier lives!!

Just a few months ago I ran across an interesting new field of study called “epigenetics”.

At a high level “epigenetics” is the study of how the things we do, eat and think impact our genetic tendencies.

In other words even our genetics are somewhat subject to environmental factors. The things we do can literally affect the very building blocks that make us who we are. Cancer and heart trouble may run in your family but lifestyle activities such as diet and exercise can change the genetic switches that predispose you to those illnesses.

In simple terms each of us has about 20,000 genes and it is these genes that cause us to be who we are. These genes are the cause of our physical characteristics such has hair color and height and some genes are quite environmentally sensitive. Think of these genes as switches. As an example you might have a cancer gene that, if activated, could cause a certain form of cancer. However if that gene was never switched on you would never get cancer. Also a change in life style can cause that cancer gene that was turned on to be turned off.

Numerous studies have proven that, although there are no guarantees, healthy lifestyles positively affect genetic expression. The science of epigenetics explains why diets high in meat, salt and saturated fats can cause cancer in some people and not others. It also explains why healthy lifestyles can help protect against many diseases

Here is a link to a very good article from the Chicago Tribune that further explains epigenetics.

Many of us know that eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activity can decrease your chances of getting cancer, heart disease and many other illnesses. Epigenetics explains why.

The things you eat can impact your children’s health, and the things you feed  your children can affect their children’s health!!

The science of epigenetics also tells us that the impacts of our lifestyle are passed along to our children.

Studies have shown that children of mothers who smoke are negatively impacted. They tend to be smaller, have impaired lung function, higher rates of birth defects and can have ongoing health problems even into adulthood. You can read the full article from Science here. Once again epigenetics explains why. Studies have shown that the children of men who smoke are similarly effected.

“Epigenetics” also demonstrates that lifestyles, can greatly affect the genetic coding that is passed along to their children and their children’s children. In fact some scientists are theorising that many of the illnesses experienced by the youth of today are related to their parents and grandparents exposure to environmental contaminants.

The things you do today will literally effect everything about you and can  impact future generations of your family.

A great article published by US Library of National Medicine can be found here.

You can find a great TED talk from Doctor Pamela Peek here. Pamela makes the complex field of epigenetics fun, interesting and easy to understand.

I think we all know that our activities have an impact our health and wellbeing. The real news to is that our activities impact us on a genetic level and also impact our children and grandchildren. Therefore I believe that it is our responsibility to lead the best possible life that we can; not only for our sakes but for the sake of our children.

Knowing that the foods we eat and the things we do can impact children who are not even born yet causes me to want to go back in time and live my life again!!

However given that time travel is currently impossible so the next best thing I can do is become a more active promoter of healthy living.

In fact I would suggest that anyone who reads this post also should be promoting healthy active lifestyles.  Education is the best defence against participation in harmful activities such as smoking.

Here are the 3 critical health habits that can affect your genetics

Smoking is bad for children as well as adults

Here are the 3 critical health habits that can affect your genetics;

  1. Engage in activities such as meditation and positive affirmations that help you manage stress and maintain positive emotions,
  2. Improve your diet, particularly the consumption of green leafy vegetables and foods like broccoli,
  3. Make regular physical activity a part of  your life.

The same 3 critical health habits that myself and almost every healthy living advocate has been talking about for the last 50 years are the very same habits that can help improve your genetic expressions. These activities will help insure that your children and your children’s children lead long and healthy lives.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, scientifically verified evidence that our mothers were correct when they told us to eat well, exercise and think happy thoughts.

So now I will ask you an important question.

Now you know the potential impact of diet, exercise and keeping a positive mental attitude what are you going to do about it?

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As always thanks for reading and stay happy and healthy – the wellbeing of your children may depend upon it!!!

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