Tales of Inspiration from the Far Side of Fifty. 2

There are people who inspire us to become better versions of ourselves.

Success from the Far Side of Fifty

“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”
― Kalu Ndukwe Kalu

These are people who; through their efforts, have become remarkable.

Through decades of study I have learned that successful people do things differently than the rest of us. Rather than explain these principles Tales of Inspiration from the Far Side of Fifty will demonstrate them using real life examples of inspirational people.

There are heroes among us and these are their stories.

Fred Stobaugh is a 98-year-old retired truck driver from Peoria, Illinois.

Six weeks after Lorraine, his wife of nearly 75 years, passed away, Fred wrote a song about her. After writing the song he entered it into a song writing contest being held by Green Shoe Studios.

The studio liked the song and the rest is history.

Fred became the oldest person ever to have his first song enter into the Billboard top 100. YouTube videos about Fred and his song have had over 8 million views and Sweet Lorraine has sold over 100 thousand copies on ITunes.

You can watch one of Fred’s videos HERE

The lessons that I took away from Fred’s inspirational story are these;

1. Be authentic.

Fred didn’t write his song to become rich, famous, or well known. He wrote it as a heartfelt tribute to his wife.

The honesty of Fred’s words caught the attention of the studio and his authentic expression of love resonated with people around the world.

2. Learn to overcome adversity.

Fred’s success came because of the adversity he faced. Pain often results in personal growth and I would argue that any personal growth at all is driven by a lack of satisfaction with the status quo.

After the loss of his beloved wife Fred managed to make the best of a bad situation.

No matter how you define the term, the path to success is filled with obstacles. The secret of lasting success is learning to overcome challenges and use learn to use pain and discomfort as fuel to drive you toward your goals.

3.Take action.

Fred had courage enough to finish writing his song and to send it into the recording studio.

Had Fred not taken action the world would never have known of his devotion to his Sweet Lorraine.

Fred has said that he takes comfort in his song and that he will cherish it forever, thousands of his devoted fans will cherish it right along with him.

4. You never know how things will work out.

Now I can’t say this with 100% confidence, but I doubt if Fred had any idea how popular his song would become.

His story is a great example of how our dreams can blossom if we just try.

You can watch Fred’s inspirational video HERE.

Please watch the video and let me know if Fred’s story touches you in some way.

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