Overcome fear to find success

5 benefits I gained when I learned to overcome fear to find success.

Overcome fear

Overcoming fear and discomfort to find success

Everyone has things in their lives that make them uncomfortable or afraid, but often our greatest personal growth is gained by doing those very things.

“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain” – Mark Twain

All of the posts on the far side of fifty are related to personal growth. Most people want to pursue health, wealth, fame and fortune – experienced adults are no different.

I hope that most of us on the far side of fifty realize that, in any area of our lives, growth and improvement require effort. Over time we become entrenched in our habits and beliefs and we can stop being open the new opportunities that come with change. Being open to positive change isn’t always easy, it requires constant effort and vigilance. The people I mentor all know that a corner stone of my “Growth Zone” coaching program is the process of breaking free from the mental ruts that many of us are stuck in.

Our own limiting thoughts and beliefs are always problematic and there are few areas where these negative tendencies are more damaging than in the world of the entrepreneur.

Our world is changing rapidly and globalisation and technological advancements are two forces in that change. In times of change we  have two choices; we can resist or ignore the change or we can embrace the change and look for the opportunities. For years I mostly ignored globalization and technological advancements. Today’s post talks about the personal benefits that I have realized as a result of both globalization and technological advancements. Benefits that I would not have realised had I not made the decision to be more open to change.

Despite the fact that I am in my mid-fifties in the last two years my awareness of possibilities within the world has expanded at least tenfold. In just 24 short months my business has gone from a one person enterprise to a global business. I routinely work with writers from the US. The lead programmer for my web design business is from India, my personal assistant and editor is from Indonesia and my graphic designer is from Croatia. While this all sounds pretty cool my main goal behind building a global team was to improve my business; to discover new products, markets, resources and new sources of income.

Below are five key benefits that I have personally realized when I overcame fear to find success;

  • Being in business means finding customers and a way to provide something of value to them.

By creating my web development business I found a niche market (entrepreneurs over fifty who want a cheap and easy way to create a website). I also found a way to service that market                     (automating some aspects of website creation and hiring experts to do the rest). This allowed me to create a steady cashflow into my business that took advantage of both technology and                   globalization.

  • Hiring a Personal Assistant from Indonesia is simply awesome. Her rates are much lower than I would expect to find anywhere in Canada. She is well educated, polite, meticulous and charming. I can give her an assignment one day and have it completed and in my inbox first thing the next morning.

She also treats me more politely than any Canadian worker I ever had. On a nearly daily basis she tells me that working on my projects is a pleasure. Rather than complaining about the work             that I pay her to do she seems to appreciate it.

Most importantly she makes my life easier. She does many of the jobs I find burdensome and that allows me to do spend more time doing what I love.

  • Having access to workers from across the world allows me to be very specific in my recruitment. Because they are all independent contractors I have no worries about ongoing labour issues. When a particular business need has been met I pay what I owe and the contract is complete.

When I hire for an ongoing business need (such as my personal assistant) I pay on a week to week basis. Once again I have no long term obligation to keep paying any employee. As a business           owner every  dollar counts so I have to pay close attention to my costs and foreign workers help me do that.

This may seem like a hardnosed business approach to some people but I feel there are benefits all the way round. While I find their rates very reasonable I actually pay my employees a much             higher salary than they would get from an employer in their own country.

The people I work with have no ongoing obligation to my company. Really great employees are always in demand, no matter what country they are from. If I want to retain employees I have             to pay them appropriately and treat them well.

  • The world abounds with new and often free technology that can help us become more efficient and effective. An example is Google Drive.

In case you don’t know about it Google Drive is free cloud based resource that allows storage, sharing and editing of files, presentations and spreadsheets. I use this free resource nearly daily             and it is a boon to my business.

Another great resource is called Evernote which, as its name implies is a note taking program. WhileI am still exploring the funtionality of Evernote I do like the fact that I can keep all of my             notes in one place. I can also access those notes with a variety devices including my dexk top, my tablet and my smart phone.

  • Finally I am constantly using the internet to communicate, write, research, pay bills, book vacations as well as purchase goods and services. While many people are concerned about the security involved with new technology I have had no issue what so ever.

The real benefit in all of this is freedom. I have the freedom to work wherever and whenever I want. I could run my business from my home office, a hotel in Peru or an apartment in California. By and large location simply does not matter nearly as much as it used to.

In summation I believe that anyone, regardless of age, who wants to experience exponential growth in their personal or professional lives must first experience exponential growth in the depth and breadth of their thinking. A great way to expand thinking is constantly expose yourself to new concepts and new ideas and the very best place to look for growth is in the place beyond our fears.

What about you? Are you exploring your world and testing your boundaries? Or are you timidly sitting back, watching your life go by? Have you learned to overcome your fear to find success?.

I urge you to get out and start exploring success on the far side of fifty.

Thanks for reading.

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