Success is as Easy as Choosing

Success is as easy as choosing

Getting to the top means picking a mountain

If we are being truthful there are very few people who don’t want more from life. We all want more health, wealth, wisdom and happiness, but most people are held back by one simple factor.

We fail to realize that Success is as Easy as Choosing.

The majority of us simply don’t choose a direction and then stick with it long enough to get the results we seek. Instead we set half-hearted goals and then, because we aren’t truly committed, we undermine our chances of success.

According to THIS article from the Washington Post 70% of Americans are overweight or obese and 45 million of them want to lose weight. Unfortunately research demonstrates that only 5% of them will be successful. 95% of the people who want to lose weight will fail. At a very basic level weight loss is a very simple formula that requires only that we burn off more calories than we consume and yet the failure rate of people who want to lose weight is extremely high. The failure isn’t based on the complexity of the problem. People fail to lose the weight because they simply are not committed enough to either the goal or the process required to achieve it.

Roughly the same statistics apply to virtually all major goals, the majority of us fail to achieve the things we say we want to. Although most of the things we want in life are very attainable the majority of people never become as healthy, wealthy, happy and wise as they would like to.



What does “Success is as Easy as Choosing” really mean?

From a very young age I wanted to be successful, but I really had no idea what success meant. For literally decades my perspective of success was unclear and imprecise, as a result my pursuit of it resembled a blind man chasing ghosts in a fog. I experienced lots of variety and not much progress.

Although I waited, watched and experimented I found no radical solution that led me to the success I craved. There was no otherworldly flash of brilliance that sprung into existence; illuminating my path toward fulfillment. I was not magically drawn toward any particular endeavor and no stroke of great fortune came my way.

Through my ceaseless explorations I discovered a lot of things that I was not very good at, like baseball, hockey and carpentry. I discovered lots of stuff that was mediocre at, such as guitar, martial arts, math and psychology. Over time I also discovered a few things that I had a bit of a talent for, such as reading comprehension and verbal communication. Through years of trial and error I discovered that, as far as I could tell, there was nothing I was simply brilliant at.

Although I had dreams of leading an extraordinary life, I was, in every sense, a completely ordinary person.

Don’t get me wrong, through the years I did manage to create a great life. I built myself a great career, married a wonderful woman, had an awesome boy and we all lived in a nice house by the lake. In fact I really only had one problem, I never really felt that I was living up to my potential. I never felt that I was doing the exact right thing I was supposed to be doing and I certainly wasn’t having the level of impact on the world that I craved.

As the years flew past one realization came back to me again and again. I realized that, in order for me to have the life and create the impact I wanted to create I had to make a choice. I needed to make a clear decision and then commit to that direction for an extended period of time.

Finally I learned that Success can be as Easy as Choosing so I finally did choose.

I chose to the goal of becoming a more positive influence for anyone who needed it.

And I chose to pursue a series of processes that would enable me to be that influence. I chose to pursue public speaking, writing and personal coaching to grow my positive influence on the world at large. Choosing a vision for my life and then deciding what I needed to do to fulfill that vision allowed me to focus my energy and passion and also allowed me to cast off a whole bunch of the things that were holding me back.

Although I didn’t make my commitment to a chosen path until I was much older I have never looked back on my life with regret. As a guide and an educator I focus my energies on learning and then sharing my knowledge with others.

As I share my learnings with the world around me I find that none of the knowledge I have gained through my life experiences is wasted. I may have taken the long way around, but I finally made it and nothing was wasted in the process.

So what about you? Have you made a decision as to what you want to do with the rest of your life?

Over the next few posts I am going to talk about some of the factors that you may want to consider as you consider your own journey to success.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share your comments on the blog or to contact me directly through the contact form on my site.

Here’s hoping you have a fantastic day!!