Success on the far side of fifty

Success on the far side of fiftyThe pursuit of health, wealth, happiness and life satisfaction for those of us on the far side of fifty.

This blog is intended to be an exploration of the factors and circumstances associated with the older adult’s pursuit of health, wealth, happiness and life satisfaction.

Through upcoming posts I will share my learnings and perspective about success. In addition I will share examples of people who have achieved extraordinary success later in their lives and hopefully I will gain insights and learnings from you; the readers.

While this blog is intended to focus on those of us looking at success from the far side of fifty I invite you to share it with anyone who wants to gain more success and happiness in their life. The fact of the matter is, age is truly just a number, and the learnings I share will apply equally to anyone, regardless of age.  I promise there will be no pics of old folks in speedos showing up any time soon.

Throughout my life I have studied and pondered the meanings of success and happiness. I have also researched deeply into the strategies and habits employed by those among us who, through their own efforts, have achieved an extraordinarily level of success. I have also taken the time to compare the things that successful people do with the habits and activities of people who are less successful.

My strategy was and remains extremely simple; learn the things that extremely successful people do and do more of those things, observe the habits and activities of people who are less successful and do less of those things.

Near as I can tell some people seem to have been born with a clear view of what success and happiness looked like to them. As a matter of fact the majority of the people who represent the epitome of success in modern society seemed to find the roots of their prosperity at a very young age. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Steve jobs and Bill Gates all seemed to have been born with prodigious talents, energy and motivation. Sometimes it took them a few years to really hit their stride but the foundation seemed to show up early.

A quick google search will show that, in our modern society the average age of really successful people seems to be getting younger and younger. Look at the headlines related to most major industries and you may be drawn to the same conclusion.

Do a search for people who have become successful later in life and you will find that most of the examples are decades old, Abraham Lincoln, Ray Croc and Sir Winston Churchill are all examples of people who became successful later in life, but they are all less than current examples.

What then for the rest of us? Is it too late for us older adults to find our own version of success, or are we doomed to a life of obscurity and mediocrity?

Hell no I say. Hogwash and horse feathers, I’m not sure about you, but I am not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet. I may be well on the far side of fifty but I feel pretty darn good and think I can still have value and impact.

It’s just a matter of opinion but I believe we all have the ability to achieve a considerable level of success, regardless of our age and position in life. There are actually plenty of us who achieve more success later in life that we ever did as younger people, but we don’t often get the same level of press as the younger folks.

I don’t think success is a young person’s game, if you are of a like mind stay with me as I explore the topics associated with success and happiness for those of us on the far side of fifty.

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