Who we are

Mountains Three Sisters, Canmore

Who we are

Grainger Performance Consulting Inc. is a Calgary based leadership consultancy with a single focus: we are dedicated to the success of individuals and organizations.

Every organization and individual has goals they want or need to accomplish.

Lofty goals and intricate strategies are not enough to achieve worthy outcomes. The achievement of worthwhile goals only comes when strategy and planning is combined with firm focus and rock solid execution.

At GPC Inc. we are committed to doing our very best to assist in the creation of strong, resilient, caring  and successful people and organizations.

Joe Grainger, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of GPC Inc. has a proven track record of proven execution. For over a quarter century Joe has been leading his teams to success. For over 25 consecutive years, the teams that Joe has lead have surpassed budget goals, exceeded customer expectations,  developed leadership capacity and delighted customers.

Put our passion for leadership to work for you or your organization today!!