Your Success is Our Success

Your Success is Our Success

Let Grainger Performance Consulting Inc. be your success partner.

Our passion is to create and deliver educational, engaging and impactful sessions that result in permanent behavioural change in participants.

Albert Einstein reportedly defined insanity as; “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” We believe that, in order to be considered succesful, workshops. presentations and keynote speeches need to inspire behavioural change. Therefore all of our services are designed to be participatory and engaging while focussing on inspiring participants to take immediate and ongoing action.

All GPC Inc. workshops can be tailored to meet your organizational requirements. This is done by meeting with members from your team and then incorporating specific examples and situations from your business environment. This process facilitates greater learning for your team and often generates practical solutions for some of the challenges facing your team.

Current presentations include:

Lean management and leadership

              Lean management and leadership

Lean management and leadership; the keys to long-term organizational success

Regardless of the type of organization we are all faced with unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Organizations that thrive in today’s environment are relentlessly focussed on providing amazing value to stakeholders while reducing costs and increasing efficiency across the board.

Designed to get attendees thinking and acting differently this 90 to 120 minute workshop is designed to provide a great overview of lean management principles while encouraging participants to begin considering where and how to incorporate these principles into their workplaces. The session is packed with real life examples of how these principles can be incorporated into any business environment.

The session is also designed to be delivered as a starting point to multi day strategic planning sessions and is particularly relevant for organizations experiencing struggles with expenses or seeking new ways to add greater stake holder value.


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