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Timothy Ferris Podcasts – Joe’s rating 10 out of 10

Tim's Blog

Tim’s Blog

As a business owner, author, coach and mentor, one of the key activities that I engage in on a daily basis is learning. In order for me to provide the best possible content to my clients I work hard at refreshing my ideas and materials.
While I spend very little time watching television I do spend about 7 hours per week reading, researching and listening to videos and pod-casts.
Pod-casts are one of my favorite things to do while I am driving, and I get so much value from them that I actually enjoy my commutes to work. I now look at time spent in my car as a chance to learn rather than a waste of my precious time. (I will do a blog post on this at some point).
For the last few months I have been spending a considerable chunk of time listening to Tims Ferriss’s pod- casts. There are three main reasons behind my interests;
1.) Tim covers a wide variety of topics from business to health,
2.) All of the people that he interviews are rock-stars in their field and full of great ideas,
3.) Tim usually goes very deep with his interviews and works hard to get to roots of why the people he interviews are so successful.
In other words I get both quality and quantity from Tim’s shows and I gain new knowledge and ideas from every pod-cast and I love to share what I learn. But be warned- Tim interviews a wide variety of people so I don’t claim to listen to every pod-cast and some are much more informative than others.
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Strides – Joe’s rating 10 out of 10
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This is a great free goal setting app that works really well. You do have the option of upgrading to a paid version, but for my purposes the free version is just awesome.
Strides is very intuitive to use. It also comes with an overall dashboard as shown in the picture above, in addition it comes with a journal that shows your success rate.
Personally I love the fact that you can preset reminders that help you stay on track with  your goals.
As a personal example I used to have a habit of eating after 8 pm. At seven pm my strides reminder notifies me of my goal. Thanks in part to this daily reminder I have not had a late night snack for 35 consecutive days. I have lots 4 pounds and this new habit is in the bag.
If you are trying to create a new habit I highly recommend downloading the Strides app.
Remember that current scientific evidence indicates that it takes 66 days to install a new habit. Also the new behavior has to be practiced daily.
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