I am back!! Did you miss me?

For the last few months I took a hiatus from my blog.

During that time I finished my coaching program, planned my business approach for the next year and I took a trip to Panama.

Part of my reason for taking time off is that I wanted to consider the direction I was taking my blog (or that it was taking me).

As a bit of history; my original goal while blogging was to create something that was quick and easy to write and still informative and valuable to my readers. Personally I thought that a weekly blog would help me focus my writing, improve my discipline and increase my business profile.

While the original goals of my blog were met I also fell into a trap; I started to follow the advice of all the other bloggers and do the same things that more successful bloggers did.

I did everything possible to optimize my blog for the search engines and I started using many of the tips and tricks to drive traffic to my blog. If a well-known blogger said I should include numbers in my titles I did. If they said include pictures I did that too. Because Google rankings depend upon links I included those in my blog posts too.

If there was a rule about blogging I followed it.

My blog posts became like all of the other blog posts. For the most part they were decent, but not memorable. They were good but not great.

Blogging became a huge time commitment for me. Instead of working on my books I worked on my blog, instead of working on my business I worked on my blog, instead of selling my services I worked on my blog.

What started off as small project became a huge time commitment and in the process I lost my true voice and became just like everyone else.

I had gotten lost in my own work and forgotten that it was never my goal to become a big time blogger

So here are my lessons and the real key messages of this post;

1.) Feel free to go out into the world and try new things. But every once in a while make sure to take stock and make sure you are happy with the direction your experiments are taking you.

If something isn’t working feel free to change it.

2.) Be wary of following the advice of too many people. Following advice automatically means you are following and not leading.

3.) Above all stay true to your vision and remain authentic.

As for Success on the Far Side of Fifty I will continue to work on it and to do my best to create posts that add value to my readers.

Always thanks for reading.

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